Aquarium for Jellyfish

The basic factor for a correct maintenance of jellyfish in the aquarium derives precisely from the availability of the latter as to breed these animals it is mandatory to use a Kreisel type tank, the same tank that is used for the breeding of particular species such as for example seahorses.

The tank is structured in such a way as to avoid possible aspirations of the jellyfish through the filtering drains. Internally there is a “U” shape as well as the relative draft drains suitably protected. The filtration system is connected to this tank, which must guarantee practically perfect water as these animals are sensitive to pollution and in such a way as to guarantee temperature values ‚Äč‚Äčaround 68 degrees F and a salinity around 32-34 ppt.

orange jellyfish

Therefore it is advisable to use a percolation filter combined with an efficient skimmer and a refrigerator in order to guarantee a constant recommended temperature, even in the hottest months.

As far as lighting is concerned, jellyfish have no particular requirements in terms of light gradations and therefore you can also safely use neon with high shades, perhaps actinic tubes, to create a “deep blue” effect where these animals swim. Have fun with the lighting!

The movement of the water is another crucial aspect as the animals must not receive a strong current in order not to be banged against the walls of the tank; a gentle and circulatory movement of the water must be created sparingly by carefully observing the behavior of the animals following gradual changes.

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